Dr. Steve Hunters

He’s a very experienced paleontologist, adventure lover, very, very recklesss and, let’s say it, even a little bit careless. Thank to a mysterious stone put into the Grig, the super trike, he can travel in Time and personally get in touch with dinosaurs, his greatest passion since he can remember. Of course, this power has to be kept in secret and this would bring him a lot of troubles!


a T-rex puppy! So, what’s so strange? Everybody has his own favourite pet, and the Dr. Steve Hunters is no exception. Babyrex is very sweet and very affectionate… But he always stay true to his nature of T-Rex and if needed, he can use his fangs.


Charismatic and beautiful: there are no other words to describe this intrepidous journalist. She feels a great simpathy (let’s say “she has a crush”) for the Dr. Steve Hunters… who, obviously, returns the feeling, if he remembers to.


Smart, witty and with a great deal of cold blood: this is Yuki, Dr. Steve Hunters’ assistent. She often balances the common sense that her boss lacks. Dr. Steve Hunters blindly trusts her, she is in fact the only one who knows he can travel through the Time!

Rick e Amy

Two adventure lover kids who follow Dr. Steve Hunters (and his allies) to the most amazing and crazy deeds! Rick is brilliant and brave, but he’s also quite careless… That’s why his sister Amy, who is wise and extremely smart, has often to look after him.

Paul Bugs

A very expert entomologist who has created an amazing technology through which he becomes smaller (and make other living beings smaller too) to an bug’s dimension. This is the premise of the wonderful adventures in Paul Bugs’ microcosmos.