Dr. Steve Hunters is the super mega paleontologist comics character that travels all around the world to discover new dinosaur’s fossils.

He travels throughout all the 5 continents with his friends and with Babyrex, a big Tyrannosaurus Rex puppy, living adventures among deserts and forests… Wait, I still haven’t told you the most amazing thing: Dr. Steve Hunters travels through Time!

Don’t make those faces, if you had seen the Grig, Steve’s super trike, and the magic Stone, you wouldn’t have any doubts.

Another thing: you know you could really really meet the Dr. Steve Hunters? I mean, in real life!

The Dr. Steve Hunters is in fact the alter ego of nothing less than Stefano Piccini, the real geologist and paleontologist who travels around the world to unearth fossils… Look at them and take note of the similarities!